Press releases

Published by Adam Pembrey on 11th August 2016
NowWeComply, the Intelligent Automation Software provider enjoyed a very successful second quarter of 2016 which was punctuated by new appointments and several big client wins.
Published by Adam Pembrey on 5th August 2016
It’s getting much easier to get compliance wrong - which can lead to punitive fines, severe reputational damage and sometimes a catastrophic loss of business too.
Published by Adam Pembrey on 5th August 2016
NowWeComply have announced a strategic partnership with Kamanchi. The agreement will allow Kamanchi to provide NowWeComply’s Intelligent Automation system to recruitment companies in the UK allowing them to: screen candidates quicker, reduce cost and remove the consequences of non-compliance.
Published by Adam Pembrey on 5th August 2016
One of the more difficult aspects associated with running a business is the constant threat of non-compliance. It is not uncommon for businesses to be fined for not complying with a regulation they weren’t even aware of.
Published by Mark Brittain on 4th July 2016
The answer could almost certainly be yes if the document contains personal data typically collected for proof of eligibility applications such as workforce screening.
Published by Ben Irwin-Brown on 17th March 2016
Leading compliance automation provider NowWeComply have announced that they have created a new division concentrating specifically on the RPO and HRO sectors where high volumes of contingent workers need to be on-boarded and managed.